About Us

Who We Are
The North East Methodist Church is a local expression of the worldwide fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ. For over two hundred years, NEUMC has ministered to our community in Jesus’ name.
Our church is evangelical, meaning that we believe every person is included in God’s love and that every person should be challenged to respond to the claim of Jesus Christ upon his or her life.
Our church is Biblical, meaning that all we do- preaching, teaching, counseling, serving- is founded on the authority of the Word of God.
Our church is inclusive, meaning that every individual – regardless of race, age, gender, or previous history – is welcome to be part of our church family.
Our church exists to provide for all of God’s children opportunities for worship, for study of God’s Word, for genuine Christian fellowship, for growth toward Christian maturity, and for outreach to all in need of evangelism and service.
Our Goals
  • Offer dynamic worship through Christ-centered teaching, music, fellowship and technology.
  • Create an active and intentional Evangelism program that invites people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to join our community of faith.
  • Provide a vibrant Youth program and Sunday School that reaches out to the local youth, introduces them to Jesus Christ and promotes Christian growth.
  • Expand our mission programs through active member participation and increased financial support with emphasis on faith based missions.
  • Become more aware of the need and opportunity for care and nurturing members within our congregation and respond to these needs as individuals as well as collectively as a congregation.